Amazon Annie

Amazon Scissors and Facesitting
Amazon Annie and Adrian
October 2014

Mixed Wrestling

Produced by Amazon Annie's Bodacious Adventures
Annie's description:

"This is 200lbs crushing on yer face crushing down." Is what Amazon Annie tells her poor male victim as she puts him in a frontwards, head triangle. Annie predominantly facesits Adrian, the man she crushes beneath her large Amazon, black G-thonged leotard. She works him over in reverse school girl pins, with his face snugly tuckered into her derriere.

She wiggles into reverse head scissors, playfully swinging her hips back and forth as his head is being squeezed like a cork in a bottle. Easily she moves him into triangles, scissors, facesits and school girl pin in her very sexy, very butt-centric outfit of black gartered hose and sexy thong. She humiliates him with feet in the face, frontward facing school girl victory poses and smooshes him her Amazon breasts. The tone is fun, flirty and sensual, with moments of crushing scissors and full face butt smothers.

Total running time: 12 minutes

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.

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Amazon Annie Amazon Annie Amazon Annie
Amazon Annie Amazon Annie Amazon Annie

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