Minxy Li, Female Session Wrestler
Minxy Li

Bondage Squash Match
Minxy Li vs Ginary
August 2014

Minxy Li vs Ginary

Minxy Li vs Ginary

At FetCon this year, we set up a bondage wrestling match between wrestler Minxy Li and fetish model Ginary. While Minxy is rough-and-tumble with plenty of bondage matches under her belt, Ginary is nowhere near as strong and a terrible wrestler. The end result: a total bondage squash match!

Minxy completely overpowers Ginary right from the start, pinning her as she struggles uselessly. Amused, Minxy takes her time and toys with her opponent (aka victim), holding Ginary down and binding her slowly. And poor Ginary is just not strong enough to budge Minxy at all!

Minxy playfully bullies Ginary as she continues to tie her up, taunting her, pinching her nose, tickling her, sitting on her, and joyfully pinning her in various ways. Ginary complains and protests, and even tries to roll away, but it's all entirely useless - she's at Minxy's mercy!

As the video progresses, Minxy binds the disgruntled Ginary into a full hogtie, while continuing with her taunting and tickling. And when Minxy decides she's heard enough of Ginary's complaints, she gleefully ball gags her. With Ginary gagged and tightly immobilized, Minxy sits on her and harasses her even further, showing off her prize and hitting a variety of victory poses. Oh, Minxy, what a bully!

Total running time: 27 minutes
Final tie: hogtie (wrists bound, elbows bound, knees bound, ankles bound, ankles to wrists). Ball gag. A total mismatch leading to a total domination by Minxy.
High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.

Selected Screen Stills:
Minxy Li and Ginary Minxy Li and Ginary Minxy Li and Ginary
Minxy Li and Ginary Minxy Li and Ginary Minxy Li and Ginary
Minxy Li and Ginary Minxy Li and Ginary Minxy Li and Ginary

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