Python & Prey: Male Domination
Howl and Aralia
May 2016

mixed wrestling

In contrast to our usual mixed Python & Prey series, Howl and Aralia present a male domination version: a Python & Prey Reversal.

Predatory and menacingly confident, Howl stalks little Aralia across the mats. She tries desperately to evade him, but once he finally pounces, she is his. Aralia squirms and struggles hard, but Howl has her body completely under his control. Whether he wraps her up with his legs or pins her down to the ground, she has no hope of escaping this cool, smooth predator. Aralia's gasping, struggling desperation is a stark contrast to Howl's casual, unyielding control; no matter how she rolls, twists, or turns, she cannot throw him off of her.

As the end draws near, Howl wraps her from behind and begins to drain her energy with hand-over-mouth smothers. He amuses himself toying with her, listening to her gasp and groan each time he removes his hand from her face. At last, he gathers her in close, sensually, his face at her neck, as she finally goes calm and still.

Total running time: 7 minutes
Smooth yet aggressive domination
1920x1080. 4.5 mbps

Individual Video
Python & Prey: Howl/Aralia

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