Amazon Annie, Female Wrestler, Queen of Squeeze

Amazon Annie, Female Wrestler, Queen of Squeeze

Amazon Annie
Queen of Squeeze
Home Base: New York City

Height: 6'
Weight: 200 lbs
Shoe size: 11

* Videos with Amazon Annie at Doom Maidens

* Amazon Annie's Bodacious Adventures Clips4Sale studio

* Annie's Mini Website

* Follow on Twitter: @annie_amazon

Styles & Specialties

Semi-competitive, fantasy, domination, scissor holds, role play, lift and carry, foot worship, trampling, strength challenges, arm wrestling.

Also works with Crazy Azy.

Visit Amazon Annie's youtube channel for Annie's short video samples.

Additional Information:

Amazon Annie is a glamazon; tall and blond, with feminine curves coupled with ferocious calves and thighs. Before becoming a session wrestler, she was an undefeated mud wrestling champ in New Orleans. Now she wrestles on dry land - or, rather, on the mats. Or in an oil wrestling match! And she is just as ready to lift and carry as she is to have a good wrestling tussle.

Annie's incredible lower body strength, height and sheer athleticism makes her a tough lady to beat! Don't be surprised if she learns and uses your best moves in the process of minutes in order to smash you to pieces. She has a true competitor's heart: pain or failure do not compute. She only be satisfied if she comes out on top!

Despite her intimidating amazonian height, Annie is incredibly personable and easy to talk to. She is friendly, jovial, and patient. But she'll still wipe the mats with you!

Annie's Touring and Appearances

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