Crazy Azy

Crazy Azy

Crazy Azy

Crazy Azy
Homebase: New York City

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 130 lbs
Shoe Size: 9 US

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

* On Twitter: @azy_crazy

* List of Videos with Azy at Doom Maidens.


Competitive, Semi-Competitive, Domination, Fantasy, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Arm Wrestling.

Additional Information:

Crazy Azy is a spit fire. Fun-loving, fist-throwing, shit-talking crazy-ass bitch from Queens. She will take you on the mats, standing on her two feet, or just pummeling with her fists.

As a trained fighter, with a mischievous wit, she will be pounding before you can say "what the...?"

With a blue belt in BJJ and five years of intense Muay Thai kickboxing under her belt, she has a true competitor's spirit, is ready to dominate her opponent, and can be overcome with sadistic gusto if opportunity strikes. She keeps up her form with endless amounts of conditioning: running, surfing, and swimming. There is just no way to keep up with her!

Azy (pronounced AY-ZEE) can shit-talk like no one else. With a vocabulary like a sailor, a mind like a pirate, and lifetime on the streets of New York, this girl can get real feisty. But don't get me wrong, she is also incredibly personable, fun-loving, and the girl next door that you've always been waiting to meet.

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