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Indra: Female Wrestler

Indra: Female Wrestler

Indra: Female Wrestler

From London Wrestling Studio
Now located in New York City
E-mail: indra.wrestler@gmail.com

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 125 lbs

Training/experience: Submission Wrestling, Karate, Kickboxing
Favorite hold/submission: Scissors

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Semi-Competitive, Domination, Fantasy, Scissor sessions, F v F Wrestling, Belly Punching, Kicking

Additional Information:
Indra is a tough and cheeky wrestler from the London Wrestling Studio. She's fun, clever, and strong for her size. And she's got a nasty streak!

In addition to wrestling, Indra has earned a brown belt in Karate and is a trained kickboxer. She's best known for her intense leg strength and scissor sessions. She also has experience with Domme activities and can blend classic domination in with her wrestling sessions.

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