Strength Duel: Sheena and Frankie
Strength Battle of the Sexes
March 2020

sheena wrestler

sheena wrestler

Sheena and Frankie face off for a Strength Battle of the Sexes! Both of these muscular wrestlers wonder who is stronger -- fit female powerhouse Sheena or gym-lifting Frankie. They decide to settle the question with a classic Strength Duel!

They jump right in and lock up for a series of grueling, ferocious body-to-body contests: fingerlocks, front headlocks, and bearhugs (with some bearhug lifts!), and finally a back-and-forth, rolling, pinning, thigh flexing, catball-esque wrestling tussle.

Sheena and Frankie gasp and groan with exertion, and they switch organically from one contest to the next. The challenge has a primal vibe, especially from Sheena, as her powerful muscles flex and she growls in the fury of the struggle. Both competitors push on through the contests, despite their growing exhaustion, until, at last, Sheena breaks free and traps Frankie with a sudden School Girl Pin. Too spent and unable to move, Frankie must give in and admit defeat. Sheena knew she was the strongest! And she celebrates with a flexing victory pose.

Fantasy Strength Challenge. Primal tone. Athletic. Sheena's bulging muscles on display as she works. Sheena wears a high cut thong leotard. Contests last about 4 minutes each. Camera: full body and close-ups.

Total running time: 18 minutes

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sheena frankie sheena frankie sheena frankie
sheena frankie sheena frankie sheena frankie
sheena frankie sheena frankie sheena frankie

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