Pull-Ups Are So Hard? Strength Contest!
VeVe Lane and Diablo
April 2020

Diablo drops by VeVe's place to pick her up for a lunch date. But while VeVe is gathering her things to go, Diablo gets curious... why does VeVe have a pull-up bar in her living room? Surely she can't use it; pull-ups are incredibly hard!

VeVe, of course, disagree, so Diablo grabs hold of the bar to prove what he's talking about: he gives it a go and can only do a few pull-ups. Right? See! Pull-ups are hard. But VeVe smiles, grabs the bar, and effortlessly does more than twice as many pull-ups as Diablo just did! What!? Impossible! Diablo demands another try.

VeVe is amused as Diablo keeps trying and trying to match her in pull-ups -- he does a round, then she does a round, and on and on, pull-ups and pull-ups -- but no matter how hard he tries, she just keeps out pull-up'ing him!

Irritated, Diablo makes excuses about weight and muscle, and he strips down to his underwear to get lighter. In return, VeVe teases him about "weight" and strips down to her bra and panties to flex, show off her more defined muscles, to compare their bodies, and to show him *exactly* why he's not winning this contest (hint: his "size" is certainly not all muscle!).

Diablo becomes quite exhausted but still refuses to give up, so VeVe offers him a final pull-up challenge... And she tapes his hands to bar to make sure there's no cheating. Diablo is totally stuck and exhausted, and he can't complete the pull-up challenge, no matter how hard he tries. Meanwhile, VeVe delightedly poses, flexes, teases, tickles him.... and performs even more pull-ups while Diablo's trapped on the bar! And VeVe absolutely will not let him down until he admits, both with words and with kisses on her powerful biceps, that she is better at pull-ups. Faced with a slap of reality, Diablo has no choice to concede as VeVe basks in her fitness superiority!

Genuine competitive efforts! Filmed with stationary camera on tripod.

Total running time: 28 minutes

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veve lane pull-ups veve lane pull-ups veve lane pull-ups
veve lane pull-ups veve lane pull-ups veve lane pull-ups
veve lane pull-ups veve lane pull-ups veve lane pull-ups

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