Reverse Romero Leg Torquing Attack!
Pro-Style: VeVe Dominates Diablo
April 2020

veve lane and diablo

VeVe delivers relentless leg-torquing torment to Diablo this pro-style wrestling bout, where she dominates him entirely with grapevine pins and Reverse Romero holds!

VeVe gets the upper hand against Diablo as soon as the opening bell rings, and then she totally takes control as her opponent tries to regain his bearings. VeVe hoists Diablo up in 5 separate Reverse Romero holds, and she traps & stretches him with 3 separate grapevine pins. All of these Reverse Romeros and grapevines facing various directions on the mats.

Diablo struggles and protests, but it does him no good; these leg-torquing holds are inescapable. VeVe's Reverse Romeros and grapevine holds are prolonged and painful. And she merrily taunts Diablo as she torques his legs, laughing at his aggravated helplessness. At last, Diablo can take it no longer and must finally submit. Pleased with her flawless win, VeVe celebrates with a flexing, mounted pin victory pose.

* Stationary camera on Tripod. ** Pro-Style Wrestling Domination.

Total running time: 9 minutes

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reverse romero reverse romero reverse romero
reverse romero reverse romero reverse romero
reverse romero reverse romero reverse romero

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