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Nylon Cocoon Mixed Wrestling Experiment
VeVe Lane and Diablo
June 2020

veve lane

veve lane

VeVe and Diablo dive in to try a new mixed wrestling adventure: Nylon Cocoon wrestling!

First they start out together in the same sheer, tan nylon cocoon sack (made of the same material as pantyhose). They are both fully encased together; there are no openings in the sack. They wrestle in a graceful, back-and-forth style, the nylon hugging close to them. The nylon cocoon is stretchy and yet still restricts the wrestlers' movements; it is flexible, yet it confining.

The single sack even stretches in such a way that VeVe and Diablo become enwrapped in their own separate sections, appearing almost as if they are partially in separate sacks. Nylon on nylon between bodies and encasing bodies, as the smooth struggle continues...

Until the wrestlers do "magically" split apart into two actual separate nylon cocoons: VeVe still in the tan, but Diablo now in sheer black. The wrestling continues, but now the wrestlers find their abilities and physical restrictions have changed with the new encasement situation. They are no longer confined together, now truly separated by layers of nylon, but their limbs now have nylon "webbing"... which they can use to enwrap and doubly-cover each other.

With VeVe and Diablo in their separate encasements, the struggle becomes more aggressive and vigorous, though retaining it's silky nylon-ed smoothness. Eventually, VeVe fights her way on top and traps Diablo in an inescapable mounted pin. As she holds him down and sits astride, she flexes and poses in a nylon-encased victory pose.

Stationary camera on tripod. Single cocoon sack: approximately 5 min. Separate individual sacks: approx 5 min. Nylon sacks are sheer. VeVe wears a bikini, Diablo wears shiny briefs. 1080 Full HD

Total running time: 10 minutes

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veve lane nylon veve lane nylon veve lane nylon
veve lane nylon veve lane nylon veve lane nylon
veve lane nylon veve lane nylon veve lane nylon

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