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Jaylah Rai

Office Outrage BBW Catball Fight
Ursa Fierce and Jaylah Rai
March 2020

bbw catball wrestling

bbw catball wrestling

Voluptuous and feisty Ursa and Jaylah bring you "Office Outrage," an office worker BBW catball fight with an emphasis on breast smother attacks. Jaylah doesn't think Ursa's been doing her fair share of work at the office, but Ursa thinks Jaylah needs to lighten up. Their disagreement heats up; soon they're pushing, shoving, and before you know it, the ladies lock up and fall to the ground for a catball fight!

Emphasizing facial expressions and a busty perspective, this catball fight is primarily shot from the front. However, there are also shots from the side and "upskirt" angle as the ladies battle it out. The two stay chest-to-chest with legs intertwined, attacking with breast smothers (of course!), hairpulling (Jaylah pulling Ursa's), face-pushing, hand smothers, hands-to-throat, trash talk and insults. As they roll and fight, the ladies' once-tidy office attire becomes completely disheveled. Shoes are kicked off and shirts thrown aside; skirts ride up; and the ladies fight on in their pantyhose, thong panties, and bras.

The action is energetic, but the rolling is slow and short, with pauses between rolls as the ladies hand-fight, trade insults, and attack each other. After a long struggle, Jaylah manages to catch Ursa with a series of tight breast smothers to top all previous smothers. And they're enough to make Ursa finally admit defeat! Jaylah poses triumphantly over her defeated rival... and tells her to get back to work!

Vigorous fantasy catball wrestling. The ladies start out in full office attire -- skirt, blouse, jacket, high heels - and then eventually strip down to pantyhose, thong panties, bras, with their skirts having ridden way up.

Total running time: 21 minutes

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bbw catball bbw catball bbw catball
bbw catball bbw catball bbw catball
bbw catball bbw catball bbw catball

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