Keri Spectrum

Leggy Agents Fight in Tights!
VeVe Lane and Keri Spectrum
February 2020

veve lane and keri spectrum

veve lane and keri spectrum

An unending rivalry burns between the classy ladies of the TIGHTS Agents and the trashy trollops of the HOSE Agents...

Keri Spectrum has challenged VeVe "Legs" Lane to a one-on-one duel to prove absolutely which one of them has the superior combat skills, the strongest, most gorgeous legs, and the finest pantyhose. And, of course, VeVe is delighted to accept the challenge, as there's nothing she likes more than cutting a HOSE agent down to size.

The two meet, clad all in black in their leotards, shiny tights, and stiletto heels for a best two-out-of-three rounds contest. First round: kickboxing, and their trash talk is as vicious as their punches and kicks as the ladies brawl back and forth, slugging it out, and trading catty insults about the other's obviously inferior legs.

At last VeVe manages to clinch the boxing win, and it's time to move on to Round Two: wrestling. Again it's a back and forth battle, filled with scissorholds, Boston crabs, and leg drops. Keri seems to have VeVe on the ropes, but at the last moment the TIGHTS agent manages to seize back control and rip Keri's pantyhose to shreds before submitting her!

With two rounds won, VeVe claims victory and tells Keri she'll spare her from total destruction if her vanquished rival will worship her legs...but Keri uses the opportunity to launch a dirty sneak attack and a desperate attempt at comeback! VeVe must turn the tables once again, and this time there's no mercy! She puts Keri down, traps her in her eminently superior legs, and finishes her off. Legs Lane always gets her woman!

Fantasy fighting, back-and-forth action, catty and campy style.

Total running time: 31 minutes

For another episode in this series,
see Leggy Agents: VeVe & Vika, from VeVe's Petite Powerhouse Studio.

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veve lane keri veve lane keri veve lane keri
veve lane keri veve lane keri veve lane keri
veve lane keri veve lane keri veve lane keri

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