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Super Sheena Bondage Kryptonite Capture!
Sheena and VeVe Lane
March 2020

super sheena captured

super sheena captured

Muscular do-gooder Super Sheena is tricked, stripped, weakened, and bound by wily villainess Evil VeVe in this superheroine bondage scenario!

Super Sheena responds to a distress call to come save a hostage who has been captured and bound. But once Sheena arrives at the scene, she encounters friendly-seeming VeVe... but no hostage. Super Sheena is confused, but VeVe assures her that the villains are nearby. She convinces Super Sheena to join in on a trap they will set for the villains: Sheena must strip out of her Super Girl attire, down to her bikini, and let VeVe bind her up and use her as bait to attract their foes. Sheena agrees with the plan, and as she is allowing VeVe to start binding her, the truth comes out: VeVe *is* actually the villain here!

Evil VeVe drops her charade and brings out a Kryptonite pendant! Super Sheena is shocked and immediately weakened! And Evil VeVe happily binds Sheena up further, placing the Kryptonite pendant on her. Sheena's super-muscles are of no use, and Evil VeVe is pleased to torment our poor, bound heroine with wrestling holds while she has the chance!

VeVe T-ties Sheena, standing, to her torture device using Kryptonite ropes. VeVe taunts her captive and gloats, admiring her ties and promising that she would auction Sheena off to the highest bidder. Sheena's will is strong, and she stays mentally tough, but her physical strength is simply gone thanks to the Kryptonite. VeVe cleave gags Sheena, taunting her further, amused by the muscular heroine's helplessness.

But when VeVe leaves to summon the potential buyers, she returns to discover Super Sheena has somehow managed to escape! But the buyers are not pleased to have been deceived... And we are left with a hogtied and ball gagged Evil VeVe, left only in her bikini, struggling and foiled!

Fantasy bondage scenario. Rope bondage. Sheena wears a bikini when bound. VeVe wears a bikini when bound.

Total running time: 28 minutes

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super sheena captured super sheena captured super sheena captured
super sheena captured super sheena captured super sheena captured
super sheena captured super sheena captured super sheena captured

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