Asia Perez
Lea Hart
Lea Hart

Asia Perez & Lea Hart vs VeVe Lane
2-on-1 Competitive Female Wrestling
August 2017

2-on-1 wrestling

2-on-1 wrestling

VeVe's always up for a fun challenge, and it has actually been *quite* a while since she had a 2-on-1 all-female competitive submission wrestling bout. And so, when we were at FetCon 2017, we just had to set something up!

In this fully competitive double-team match, VeVe takes on two petite and spunky little ladies: Asia Perez (93 lbs) and Lea Hart (108 lbs). Most submissions, per side, wins. This match features opening comments, armwrestling bouts, two 8-minute rounds of submission wrestling, a 6-Minute Punishment Round for the losing side, and closing comments.

Asia and Lea are peppy and adventurous, but VeVe has the strength and experience edge here, and, of course, a considerable arsenal of submission holds. Asia and Lea throw themselves at VeVe with all they've got; they pile on her, grab her, squeeze her, and try to bear her down, but VeVe rises to the occasion and dazzles her little opponents with smooth moves, tight grips, and classic "VeVe Lane" fortitude!

Punishment Round holds include: feet-in-face armbar, facesitting, headscissors, bodyscissors, victory posing.

VeVe: 5'4" and 125 lbs.
Asia: 5' and 93 lbs.
Lea: 5'3" and 108 lbs.

Total running time: 28 minutes

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veve asia lea veve asia lea veve asia lea
veve asia lea veve asia lea veve asia lea
veve asia lea veve asia lea veve asia lea

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