2-on-1 Double Trouble Domination for Super VeVe!
Kristie Etzold, Fiesty Feminista, and VeVe Lane
July 2021

2 on 1 domination

2 on 1

It's a tough time for Super VeVe as she finds herself in a surprise 2-on-1 match against a pair of rowdy villainesses: Kristie Etzold and Fiesty Feminista! ... a pair of villainesses who are more than pleased to use their combined weight against the petite superheroine. Indeed, a pair of bullies!

After initial surprise attack, Kristie and Fiesty both hop on top of Super VeVe to remove her precious wrestling boots, robbing her of any power she might be able to muster. The villainesses then proceed to work over the helplessly struggling superheroine, using both tag-team style and double team attacks.

Remember what we said about combined weight? Well, evil Kristie and Fiesty merrily sit together on top of poor Super VeVe in various ways: double pins, stack-um-up pins, double body-sits, and more. They torment our heroine individually with Camel Clutches, leg-stretchers, and other holds, but their greatest delight is in attacking 2-at-once. They crush her, they pin her, they swing her, they belly-punch, they facesit her (and also against-the-wall facesit), they scissor her, they facesit and scissor her simultaneously, they double scissor her, they stretch her forward and backward, they make fun of her when her super skirt rides up to reveal the thong of her shiny leotard. In fact, they taunt and trash talk her all the while. Not a good day on the mats for our virtuous heroine!

The double crushing is just too much to bear, and at last Super VeVe is too dazed to continue. The Double Trouble duo declare themselves the winners and enjoy a villain-ish victory pose.

Pro-Style wrestling domination. Bullying and rowdy villainesses, helpless and virtuous superheroine. VeVe wears shiny suntan pantyhose (boots removed early on), thong leotard, supergirl skirt. Kristie and Fiesty wear black leotards. 1080 Full HD

Video Duration: 22 minutes

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