VeVe Lane

VeVe Lane vs Howl and Sato
2-on-1 Mixed Bondage Wrestling
July 2014

Bondage Wrestling

Bondage Wrestling

VeVe Lane gears up for an incredibly difficult competitive bondage wrestling challenge: she faces off against a pair of light-weight men determined to take her down.

And these guys are no slackers! Both are lean, athletic, and eager for the win. Howl is 5'8" and 140 lbs, and he has previous experience bondage wrestling against Orlandoe - a match he almost won on his very first try. Sato is 5'4" and 120 lbs, and though he is new to bondage, he has extensive pin-style wrestling experience. VeVe may be the bondage wrestling queen, but is that enough to overcome this threatening duo?

Howl and Sato have a battle plan, and they are excited to use it... but they are taken by surprise when VeVe rushes to attack them! After scrambling to fend off her attacks, the guys put their teamwork into action as they try to get VeVe under control. But VeVe fights like an absolute fiend! Despite the stacked odds, VeVe wriggles, struggles, strains, attempts attacks, kicks out of binds, and puts all her skill and muscle into this very physical bondage battle.

Yet this double team is an impossible challenge. After nearly 30 minutes of relentless attacks and furious resistance, Howl and Sato eventually overwhelm and subdue the Petite Powerhouse. Using coordinated teamwork throughout, they manage to tightly bind VeVe's wrists and legs. They attempt a hogtie, but VeVe is just too difficult to hold, so the guys use all of their effort and ropes to bind her into a painful and effective ball tie.

Then as the immobilized VeVe squirms and complains, Howl and Sato duct tape gag her, taunt her, flex, admire their work, and celebrate their hard-earned win with a double victory pose. Whew, that was tough!

Total running time: 35 minutes

High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Incredibly physical match. Includes pre-match and post-match comments from competitors.
Final tie: Ball Tie (wrists bound to knees, elbows to body, ankles bound, knees bound, chest rope, waist rope, ankles bound to waist rope). Duct tape gag.

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Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling
Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling
Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling

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