3-Way Pantyhose Catball Fight!
Goddess Fina, Onyx Kim, VeVe Lane
January 2022

3-way Catball Fight

Our first 3-way pantyhose catball fight! Legs, feet, nylons, chaos... turmoil! Three ladies battling it out in a rage of rubbing legs and rolling entanglement!

Goddess Fina, Onyx Kim, and VeVe Lane are a trio of roommates who had plans to get dressed up and go out clubbing. But when VeVe discovers that her favorite club dress has been shrunk in the wash, accusations fly. And it doesn't take long before all three ladies wind up in a raucous rolling fight pile, their nylon-clad legs rubbing and intertwining, as they argue furiously.

The ladies insult each other, claw at each other's faces, grab each other's hair, their bodies pressed together in various ways, their legs constantly in contact. They shriek and yell in outrage. Their skirt ride up, revealing thong panties. Their high heel shoes come off early in the tangle and lay scattered around the room.

Onyx (in suntan pantyhose) finally has her fill of the madness and grabs Fina and VeVe (both in sheer black), makes them lay ass-up on the floor, scolds them for their nonsense, and heads out to the club on her own... leaving Fina and VeVe to fight on into the evening.

Fantasy catball fight. Furious attitude, but slow rolling. A slow-rolling fight pile, indeed. Warning: some loud and rowdy yelling. NO slapping. Views from all angles, with emphasis on the legs. *Note: Fina's sheer black nylons get a small hole in the toe. 1080 Full HD

Full Video Duration: 21 minutes

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