Goddess Talia

4-Way Ninja Bondage Wrestling Tournament
VeVe Lane, Goddess Talia, Kami Kyller, and Big Boss Blaze
March 2024

4-Way Ninja

4-Way Ninja

Four ladies, hooded and clad in stretchy, sparkly unitard "ninja" suits, meet for a special challenge -- a bondage wrestling tournament. Three rounds will determine which lady claims the ultimate win and which three end up tightly hogtied and gagged under her victorious foot.

The matches take place one at a time, a different pair facing off each time while the others watch. During round one, the spectators are eagerly awaiting their turn to fight; in later rounds they're already tied up and defeated on the sidelines with no choice but to watch how the action plays out.

The ladies get right to business. There's almost no speaking other than announcing the start of each round. Then the contestants face off, and very quickly there's the sound of panting and grunting as each pair dives into the battle at a furious pace. They scramble, roll, clutch, squeeze, and stretch each other, and whip the ropes about, struggling to slip out of their opponent's ties while making their own stick.

The match-ups are:
Round 1 -- Talia and Blaze
Round 2 -- Kami and VeVe
Round 3 -- Talia and VeVe

When the third lady is finally roped up and subdued, there are still the finishing touches to see to. The victor pulls back each loser's head and ties her hair into the hogtie before popping ball gags into each of their mouths. Then she strikes a series of victory poses and leaves her new collection of conquests helplessly stuck on the mats.

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