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Nikki Fierce
Jennifer Thomas
Jenn T

4-Way West Coast Bondage Battle!
VeVe, Liz Lightspeed, Nikki Fierce, Jennifer Thomas
May 2015

Bondage Wrestling

Bondage Wrestling

Pandemonium on the mats! VeVe Lane heads out to Los Angeles, where she meets up with West Coast wrestlers Liz Lightspeed, Nikki Fierce, and Jennifer Thomas and challenges them all to a big 4-way competitive bondage wrestling match. None of the Californian wrestlers had any previous bondage wrestling experience, but all of them love rough-and-tumble competition, and all were eager to give it a try!

The ladies draw lots to determine their first pairings, with Jennifer facing Liz and VeVe facing Nikki to start. The final goal is to have 3 hogtied and gagged ladies, no matter how long it takes... or how exactly it happens. That's right, aside from the initial pairings, anything goes; teamwork is allowed, double-teaming is allowed, partner switching, alliances, free-for-all, it's all fair game in this one!

Here's how it goes: After interviews and lot-drawing, simultaneous matches of VeVe vs Nikki and Jennifer vs Liz hit the mat. After over 10 minutes of battle, VeVe hogties Nikki and rolls her aside as she rushes to assist Liz. But even as a double-team, VeVe and Liz struggle tremendously to bind and control super-strong Jennifer.

As the 2-on-1 battle rages, Nikki seizes the opportunity to gradually escape her ropes. Oh no! But, prudently, Nikki rushes over to make it a 3-on-1 against Jennifer!

The brief triple-team yields a better result, and Jenn soon finds herself hobbled with a holding-tie. Nikki then attacks Liz, with VeVe joining in as soon as she has Jennifer fully secured. Once the double-team gets Liz under control, VeVe turns on Nikki. But as VeVe whips on the hogtie, Jennifer starts untying Liz. Oh goodness! VeVe rushes to finish Nikki before jumping on Jennifer and wrapping her into a hogtie as well. VeVe then puts the finishing touches on Liz's tie... and we've achieved 3 hogtied ladies! VeVe arranges her disgruntled, hogtied opponents all in a row, gagging them all with duct tape and victory posing over them as they complain. Whew, what a chaotic escapade!

Total running time: 41 minutes
Includes pre-match and post-match comments from all ladies.

Final Ties: Nikki and Liz in standard hogtie, Jennifer in chicken-wing hogtie. All duct tape gags.
HD 1280x720. 3.5 mbps.

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Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling
Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling
Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling Bondage Wrestling

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