Ivy Satinee

5-Way Hogties and Handcuffs Escape and Attack!
Ivy Satinee, Blaze, Katarina theDommeKat, Lana Luxor, VeVe Lane
November 2022

5-way hogties and handcuffs

Rope-wrestle Queen VeVe Lane has got a considerable challenge ahead of her... but little did she know just *how* challenging said challenge would be!

VeVe is joined by four of her fellow fierce NYC wrestling ladies -- Lana Luxor, Katarina theDommeKat, Queen Blaze, and Ivy Satinee -- for a special, multi-way, multi-bondage-type Escape and Attack race! Here are the rules and conditions:

All 5 ladies start off identically hogtied by thick white ropes (no gags to start). They must then race to free themselves. Whoever escapes first must then handcuff her fellow competitors, preventing them from ever fully escaping. Once she has handcuffed the other competitors, she must then re-tie them using the jute bondage ropes and ball gag them.

Seems simple enough right? Well! What if multiple ladies free themselves at the same time? What if handcuffs are not enough to keep competitors under control?? What if they decide to form spontaneous alliances and team up against each other??? What if, right? Well, count on it!

A tough physical challenge featuring ladies struggling to win, while in various states of bondage! VeVe's four "friends" all turn against her, combining efforts to keep her from winning. But the Rope-wrestle Queen is made of stern stuff!... and she's quick to handcuff her rebellious colleagues! (against their best efforts to steal the handcuff keys) We eventually even have 4 handcuffed ladies all trying to armlessly wrestle VeVe and she struggles to tie them up.

And yet, with great effort and strength of will, VeVe recaptures all four of her raucous, trouble-making opponents, binding them each into tight and tidy jute rope hogties, with their handcuffs still on. And then, it's ball gags for all of them. But that's not all!

After savoring a well-earned victory pose, VeVe tosses the handcuff key onto the mats and challenges the bound-and-gagged ladies to free themselves! And the handcuffed-and-hogtied ladies are eager to get to the escaping once again. Can they get the key and work their way free?
You can bet they won't give up until they do!

Bondage escape & attack challenge. All ladies wear bikinis. Includes opening explanation from VeVe while all 5 ladies are hogtied, includes closing comments from the ladies once the challenge concludes.
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