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6-Way 2016 Bondage Wrestling Tourney
Bella Ink, ShaSha, Missfit Tess, Michi Moon, Rachel DD, VeVe Lane
February 2016

Bondage wrestling

Bondage wrestling

Welcome back for the 2nd edition of our 6-Way Female Bondage Wrestling Tournament! We're kicking off 2016 with this big rope-tie wrestling battle, featuring newcomers Missfit Tess and Michi, as well as returning bondage competitors Bella Ink, ShaSha, Rachel DD, and the rope-wrestling queen herself, VeVe Lane. These 6 women will enter the bondage wrestling arena, and 5 of them will wind up hogtied and gagged!

Here's the set-up! This contest will run in 3 rounds. Participants draw lots to find out who will be fighting whom in the 1st elimination round. 4 of the ladies will fight in Round 1, making two 1-on-1 pairs, while the other 2 will get the bye and wait on the sidelines (and offer encouragement as they see fit!). Whoever gets her opponent hogtied first may then jump into the other pairing, turning it into a 2-on-1 at her choosing. Tough luck for whoever ends up as the "1" there!

Once two ladies have been hogtied and dragged to the sidelines, the remaining 4 unbound women draw lots again to determine their opponents for Round 2. Once new pairings are made, the remaining competitors hit the mats again... this time to the spirited cheers and jeers from the hogtied ladies on the sidelines! As before, whoever fully hogties her opponent first can then jump into the other group for a new double team. At last, the round will end with 2 more hogtied ladies to be dragged to the sidelines!

And now, Round 3 -- the Finale! The last 2 remaining wrestlers face off, ropes in hand, with the 4 other hogtied competitors lined up in the background, heads pointed toward the action and all watching intently.

And at last, the ultimate winner emerges! After having successfully hogtied the final challenger, she then lines up all of the lovely hogtied ladies, inspecting them and admiring them, and then takes her time to gag them all, one-by-one, with a rainbow of colored cleave gags. She then victory poses on them, one after the other, taunting them and teasing them as they gag-talk protest and squirm under her foot. Finally, she bids them farewell and leaves her little bound collection to struggle, wriggle, murmur, and complain in a useless effort to escape!

Total running time: 49 minutes

Spoiler Alert: VeVe wins overall, after fighting through all 3 rounds! Includes pre-match and post-match comments from all ladies. Hogties and cleave gags. A great fight and efforts by all competitors!

HD1280x720, 3.5 mbps.

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female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling
female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling
female wrestling female wrestling female wrestling

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