Jade Indica
Rachel DD
Michi Moon

8-Way Bondage Wrestling Tourney
Jade Indica, Millie, Rachel DD, Michi, Kinzie, Lana, Lily Larson, VeVe Lane
July 2016

bondage wrestling

bondage wrestling

A fantastic feat of female bondage wrestling -- our first ever 8-way tourney! Wow! 8 ladies enter the bondage wrestling arena, all fighting simultaneously to hogtie each other, while also competitively wrestling, forming alliances, breaking rules, causing havoc for each other, and having a wild time! Wily antics, trash talk and banter, unexpected double teaming, escaping, lots and lots of rope, and, of course, hogties aplenty!

Joining us for this epic bout are stars players Rachel DD, Jade Indica, Michi Moon, Kinzie Fire, and VeVe Lane, plus brand new faces Lily Larson, Lana Lace, and Millie (who's never done anything like this before, but boy is she mischievous!).

A basic summary: During introductions, the ladies are randomly assigned an opponent for the first elimination round. Then all 8 women hit the mats at the same time, matched in 4 pairs. Whenever a competitor completely hogties her opponent, she can then crash any other on-going pair to create a double team. But these ladies are an unruly lot, and instead of clean 2-on-1s, we also see an unexpected 2-on-2 and even a 3-on-2, until, finally, 4 of the original 8 are fully hogtied!

The winners drag their hogtied opponents to the sidelines and pair off once more for Round 2. This round sees the toughest competitors face off, so expect especially hard fighting here! Meanwhile, the bound ladies heckle, call out encouragements...and sometimes cause a LOT of unexpected trouble for the competitors! Turmoil, indeed -- 2-on-1 switch-offs, a 3-on-1, and wild fight dynamics!

With much effort, all but 2 competitors are finally subdued, making way for the Final Round. The 6 hogtied ladies are log-rolled along the mats until they're lined up nicely to see and be seen behind the wrestling area. And once the final champion hogties her way to victory, she rolls her opponent into the line up, gags everyone with bondage tape gags, taunts and teases them, victory poses over the line of lovelies, and finally leaves them to mutter, squirm, and attempt their escape!

Total running time: 61 minutes

Spoiler Alert: VeVe wins overall, after fighting through all 3 rounds! Includes pre-match and post-match comments from all ladies. Hogties and bondage tape gags. A great fight and efforts by all competitors! All in bikinis.
1280x720, 3.5 mbps.

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bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling

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