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Rachel DD
Michi Moon
Missfit Tess

Agents Bondage Training Ritual
VeVe Lane, ShaSha, Rachel DD, Michi Moon, Missfit Tess
February 2016

Agents Bondage

Agents Bondage

Behold a glimpse into the secret practices of the agents of the Lethal Leotards Syndicate.

To keep her rope skills razor sharp, Headmistress VeVe has gathered 4 of her novice agents to assist her in a special skills training ritual. The Headmistress must quick-tie and bind each of the acolytes in turn, on after the other, moving as fast as possible and never repeating the same exact tie. And the acolytes must practice their patience and pain tolerance, once they've been immobilized...

This fantasy bondage scenario features ShaSha, Rachel DD, Michi Moon, and Missfit Tess as VeVe's training "acolytes." In this solemn ceremony, each acolyte enters the arena individually, presents an offering of rope, lights her candle to signify her readiness, and then squares off in preparation for the Headmistress's bondage onslaught.

VeVe springs into action, working deftly and quickly, ropes moving as fast as possible through her hands and over the novices' bodies. Once an acolyte is handled, bound, and pulled aside and left to watch as the Headmistress calls for the next. When all 4 acolytes have been bound, the Headmistress arranges them in the center of the room and brings her personal training ritual to a close.

Total running time: 23 minutes

All women in black leotards and tights (varying types). Different color ropes used for each acolyte. Each tied differently. NO gags. Solemn and serious tone.

HD1280x720, 3.5 mbps.

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