VeVe Lane
VeVe Lane

Agent Scarlett vs Agent VeVe
Pantyhose Agent Duel
May 2014

Agent Duel

Agent Duel

Within the Syndicate, agent duels do not always arise from disagreements or disputed territory. Indeed, sometimes agents will travel from cell to cell, across the world, specifically seeking out other agents in order to test their fighting skills and enjoy the thrill of nylon-clad battle...

In this agent duel, Agent VeVe pays a visit to Las Vegas operative Agent Scarlett in order to see what Scarlett has to offer. Once Scarlett arrives at VeVe's hotel room, which has been specially prepared for their "play date," Scarlett tosses off her overcoat to reveal her battle garments of bra and pantyhose, and the ladies get down to business... (or pleasure...?).

Both experts in the Syndicate's fighting style the agents fight to wrap their legs around each other's heads and bodies in a creative variety of ways. They wrestle in a smooth, leg-entangling style, pinning, trapping, grapevining, and reversing each other. And though this was intended as a casual play date for the ladies, the spirit of competitiveness edges in, with each agent striving to prove her dominance.

The match has a flirtacious and sensual tone, punctuated by bursts of competitiveness as each agent asserts herself and tries to one-up the other. But in the end, Scarlett gets the better of her opponent, trapping VeVe with an inescapable headscissor to put her out. Very pleased with the encounter, the sweaty and satisfied Agent Scarlett takes her leave.

Total running time: 21 minutes
High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
VeVe in sheer black pantyhose. Scarlett in patterned black pantyhose. Fantasy wrestling scenario.

Selected Screen Stills:
VeVe and Scarlett Devine VeVe and Scarlett Devine VeVe and Scarlett Devine
VeVe and Scarlett Devine VeVe and Scarlett Devine VeVe and Scarlett Devine
VeVe and Scarlett Devine VeVe and Scarlett Devine VeVe and Scarlett Devine

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