Indra, Female Session Wrestler Thrash

Agent Indra
Mixed Domination Scenario
Lethal Leotards Syndicate. December 2013

Agent Indra

Agent Indra

Agent Indra has infiltrated the local police force in order to personally shut down an investigation into one of the Syndicate's hide outs.

Posing as a detective, Indra accompanies Detective Thrash to the location. Thrash is skeptical that this organization of women can really take down so many male victims, but Indra is ready to show him how it is done...

Thrash soon finds himself stripped to his underwear, bound into a hogtie, and gagged with pantyhose. Indra strips off her detective attire into her black leotard and pantyhose, revealing her true colors to her former colleague. Then, using her own characteristic style, Indra proceeds to weaken and break her prisoner with nylon-clad feet and legs, squeezing him, scissoring him, shoving her feet into his face and throat, and verbally harassing him throughout.

Indra's domination style is cheeky, brassy, and taunting. She removes Thrash's gag as she works, coaxing him to admit he is a bitch and a pansy. Once he has given up hope and accepted his situation, she unties him and makes him worship her feet. As he gives in to his fetishistic desire for her lovely feet and legs, she makes him admit that that men are indeed the weaker sex. That, Detective Thrash, is how it happens. Satisfied with his admission, Indra concludes with a standing foot-on-throat finish to take his breath away.

Thrash is hogtied for 3/4 of video. Indra's pantyhose have a back-seam. Indra emphasizes feet, legs, and belittling dialogue.

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate 3.5 mbps.
Full video running time: 26 minutes

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Agent Indra Agent Indra Agent Indra
Agent Indra Agent Indra Agent Indra
Agent Indra Agent Indra Agent Indra

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