Sable LWS

Agent Sable
Mixed Domination Scenario
Lethal Leotards Syndicate. September 2013

Agent Sable

Agent Sable

Our next installment of the "Lethal Leotards Syndicate" series of female spy domination videos, featuring another lady of the Syndicate: Agent Sable. London operative Sable pays a visit to the American Syndicate cell... and its prisoners.

In this scene, Agent Sable visits prisoner Thrash, who has been sleep deprived, bound, and subjected to previous psychological torment. Sable amuses herself with the helpless Thrash, squeezing his head between her powerful thighs and gently declaring that she will punish him for his male weakness.

Though Sable unbinds him, Thrash remains helpless to resist, conflicted between the sense of danger and the thrill of being crushed between Sable's strong, nylon-clad thighs. Maintaining an air of dignity and casual cruelty, Sable punishes Thrash with a variety of scissor holds, triangle holds, facesit pins, smothers, hand smothers, and confident physical domination. She repeatedly puts her feet in his face, takes him to the point of breathlessness, and even performs splits as she pins him to demonstrate her impeccable control.

Sable is strict and unyielding, though incredibly graceful and dignified. Like a severe dance mistress, she puts him through the paces until the final curtain... When she's had her fill, she sits on his stomach and puts her feet completely over his face to put him to rest...

Full video running time: 22 minutes

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Agent Sable Agent Sable Agent Sable
Agent Sable Agent Sable Agent Sable
Agent Sable Agent Sable Agent Sable

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