Anastaxia Dominates Mike
Mixed Wrestling Domination
October 2015

mixed wrestling

mixed wrestling

We're pleased to welcome visiting wrestler / dominatrix Goddess Anastaxia on to our mats! Hailing from London, Anastaxia is a shapely and elegant professional domina with long, powerful legs and a playfully cruel demeanor. She's a strong physical presence and excels at using her legs to put the hurt on her poor male victims. But despite wrestling for over 3 years, Anastaxia has never before had the opportunity to show off her mixed wrestling domination skills on video... until now!

Anastaxia faces off against Mike in this lively and athletic domination-style bout. Eager to punish her puny little challenger, Anastaxia rushes him right from the start, blowing past his defenses, and completely overwhelming him. Mike struggles to resist, but Anastaxia thoroughly smashes and overpowers him, crushing him with headscissors, body scissors, triangles, grapevines, smothers, facesits, headlocks, and foot chokes, all forcing him to submit again and again. And much to her amusement, as well; Anastaxia loves to hear Mike sputter and gasp in her holds, and she playfully teases him as she squeezes him purple.

She is forceful, quick, and confident, reveling in her physical dominance and taunting Mike when she catches him in a hold. And, at last, with Mike completely defeated, Anastaxia celebrates with a lovely foot-on-face victory pose. What a rockin' debut!

Anastaxia 5'7" and 140 lbs.
Mike: 5'4" and 130 lbs.

Total running time: 25 minutes
Includes opening interview with Anastaxia.

One-sided Athletic Domination Wrestling.
1280x720, 3.5 mbps. 30 fps

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mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling
mixed wrestling mixed wrestling mixed wrestling

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