Amazon Annie

2-on-1 Scissor Wrestling Domination
Amazon Annie and Crazy Azy vs Hanz
October 2014

Mixed Wrestling

Mixed Wrestling

Produced by Amazon Annie's Bodacious Adventures
Annie's description:

Crazy Azy and Amazon Annie go against their friend Hanz in a 2-on-1 scissor wrestling match. Hanz is in for it!

Annie wears a gray sports bra and sexy pink bikini bottoms, and Azy wears a black sports bra and pink bikini bottoms. They go right into it, getting Hanz onto the ground, both squeezing his neck and torso, as well as pinning him down in a facesit. There are hanging scissors, reverse head scissors, as well as humiliating add-ins, such as spanking, foot to face, tickling, and hair pulling.

Hanz's face turns purple as he is put in a tight head triangle. Azy and Annie also put him into a few agonizing double arm bars as well. The girls manhandle him with rear naked chokes and grapevines. Hanz is also gift-wrapped by Azy as Annie scissors his torso. Boy, does he ever get worked over by these two strong, sexy gals!

Total running time: 15 minutes

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.

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Amazon Annie Amazon Annie Amazon Annie
Amazon Annie Amazon Annie Amazon Annie
Amazon Annie Amazon Annie Amazon Annie

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