Amazon Annie's Karate Sparring
POV Karate Striking
November 2013

Amazon Annie Karate

Amazon Annie is excited to practice her new karate moves, and she invites you to spar with her a bit!

Wearing her full karate gi, Annie removes her sandals and steps barefoot onto the mats. She circles and stares you down, throwing chops and kicks at your face and body, each with a kiai shout. She keeps her hands in "chop" style in her fighting stance. Most hand strikes are chops, with occasional palm strikes (no punches). Kicks are front and side kicks. She even knocks you down twice and then stomps at your face and body.

Annie is always on the attack and makes intense eye contact with you. She concludes with a respectful bow and thanks you for sparring with her!

Total running time: 8:12

High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 4 mbps
Annie addresses you (the camera) the entire time.

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Amazon Annie Karate Amazon Annie Karate Amazon Annie Karate
Amazon Annie Karate Amazon Annie Karate Amazon Annie Karate

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