Amazon Annie's Lingerie Lift & Carry
featuring Lance
April 2014

Amazon Annie

From Amazon Annie's Bodacious Adventures studio!

Annie writes:
"Lance is sure in for a treat: Amazon Annie agrees to do a demonstration of her incredible strength and beauty, while she hoists his 150 lbs over and around her body and shoulders. And it's Lance's first time being lifted & carried by an amazon!

Greeting him at the door, in a corset, panties and high heels, Annie towers over him. She leads him onto the mats and into a non-stop ten minute thrill ride. She throws him onto a bucking piggy back ride, both forwards and backwards. Squeezing him in crushing bear hugs, throwing him over her shoulder, and parading him longways across her shoulders in a fireman's carry.

If you love tall strong women, who can throw men like rag dolls, then this is the video for you!"

Total running time: 11 minutes
High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Includes Piggyback Ride, Front Carry, Fireman's Carry, Bearhug Lift, Over-the-Shoulder Captive Carry.

Selected Screen Stills:
Amazon Annie Amazon Annie Amazon Annie
Amazon Annie Amazon Annie Amazon Annie

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