Aralia Dominates Thrash
Leotard and Tights Mixed Wrestling Domination
July 2017


Sweetly smiling, Aralia shows off her dominant streak in this mixed wrestling domination display. Decked out in a thong leotard and sheer black pantyhose, she tortures Thrash with a variety of tight and squeezing holds, all which emphasize her legs and feet.

Aralia torments Thrash with: body scissors, head scissors, a figure-4 facesit, the triangle and reverse triangle, an armbar with feet in the face, school girl pins, body sitting with feet rubbing and covering Thrash's face, forward facesit smothering, and sweet-yet-sadistic teasing and belittling.

Helplessly stuck, Thrash struggles and squirms, but he has no hope of escaping from Aralia's holds. Aralia switches between holds whenever she chooses, pleasantly amused by Thrash's pathetic predicament. A lovely display of Aralia's playfully mean physical domination style.

Total running time: 10 minutes

Fantasy Domination. Aralia's pantyhose have backseam, Cuban heel, and decorative top.

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