Bed Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Mark
(Tied to the Bed Posts!)
October 2018

mixed bondage wrestling

mixed bondage wrestling

The objective: fight to tie your opponent spread eagle on the bed! VeVe has only tried bondage wrestling on this 4-poster bed once before, but she's been eager more opportunities to do it again -- and to do it against a male opponent. Enter, Mark from "Brutal Beauties"! Mark is an average guy with no formal wrestling or bondage training. He's a little skinny, but he can be a scrappy fighter in a pinch. VeVe, however, plans to pressure him so hard that he won't even know what hit him...

VeVe gets decked out in her sheer black pantyhose for this fight, to match the moody ambiance of this bedroom. The match starts right away, with VeVe and Mark locking up and getting straight into it. The bed is a challenging fighting surface, but VeVe uses her super-quick rope skills and tight wrestling grips to get Mark quickly under control. VeVe is quite rough on Mark as she gradually binds him, limb-by-limb, to the bed posts: she pulls the ropes very tightly, she pushes on his face as she cinches him up, and she even uses a final neck rope to assure he stays immobilized.

It doesn't take VeVe too long to get Mark trapped in the spread eagle position, and so she enjoys delivering him some punishment while he's bound and helpless. She facesits him, puts her feet on his face and throat, sits on his belly, gags him with her pantyhose and duct tapes them in, and then facesits him some more once he's gagged. And she concludes, at last, with a flexing and facesitting victory pose.

Total running time: 22 minutes

* Note: VeVe's pantyhose rip a hole (moderate size) in the thigh about 1 minute into the video. VeVe wears back-seam black pantyhose, thong panties underneath, leopard print bra. She removes pantyhose to gag Mark and is bare-legged in last 5 minutes of video.

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bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling
bondage wrestling bondage wrestling bondage wrestling

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