Belly Punches Mixed Wrestling
VeVe Lane vs Dachi
May 2021

veve vs dachi

veve vs dachi

VeVe and Dachi meet on the mats for a competitive submission wrestling match with an extra ingredient: belly punching! The two strip out of their street clothes to a bikini and shorts, respectively, and get right into it.

With these lightweight fighters, the action is fast and dynamic from the first moment of the fight to the last. The tone is friendly even as the two put relentless pressure on each other, both enjoying the competition and the added challenge of belly punches. Unexpected strikes make both fighters grunt and gasp and prove very helpful for getting into and out of submission holds.

VeVe has the clear advantage throughout the match, wringing dramatic grimaces out of the very expressive Dachi with each triangle, RNC, and arm lock, but he never misses his own chances to score a takedown or attempt a counter attack. By the end, the fierce pace has both fighters glistening with sweat, when they wrap up by trading rounds of "free-shot" belly punches.

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veve vs dachi veve vs dachi veve vs dachi
veve vs dachi veve vs dachi veve vs dachi
veve vs dachi veve vs dachi veve vs dachi

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