Jaylah Rai
Lee Von Lux
Lee Von Lux

Ladies' "Best Ass" Match
Jaylah Rai vs Lee Von Lux
April 2024

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The ladies' "Best Ass" wrestling match saga continues as new contenders Jaylah Rai and Lee Von Lux battle it out to win a title shot for the "Best Ass" championship.

Both Jaylah and Lee boast to be accomplished facesitters, each lady claiming that her derriere is unquestionably better than the other's. Jaylah comes in with confidence; she's got size and smother know-how on her side. But Lee isn't intimidated at all; she's determined to give Jaylah a close look at what her shapely booty is capable of. And so, the ladies hit the mats to determined whose ass attacks are indeed the strongest! ...and to see who deserves a chance to challenge the queen!

Jaylah and Lee start off evenly-matched, testing each other out and trading back-and-forth ass attacks. They also, of course, trade plenty of trash talk as well!

But while Lee certainly has pep and spirit, she soon finds Jaylah's mighty ass to be quite overwhelming. And while Jaylah can often find a way to turn her head and avoid Lee's smothers, Lee can never avoid a fully engulfing smother from Jaylah...

Reverse facesitting, forward facesitting, standing "pull her in" ass smothers, and against-the-wall ass smothers (stinkface)! Plus shimmying, jiggling, and taunting.

Jaylah eventually takes full control, and poor Lee finds herself completely unable to escape from Jaylah's voluptuous booty. Lee struggles in indignation as Jaylah savors having the upper hand. At last, after all of the smothering, Lee has no choice but the admit that Jaylah's ass is the best. Pleased (and unsurprised!) Jaylah gladly celebrates and enjoys a victory pose.

Stats: Jaylah: 5'1" and 210 lbs.
Lee: 5'4" and 120 lbs.

Fantasy wrestling with a "Pro-Style" tone. Camera angle: Mostly full-body shots, with some occasional close-ups. All "ass attacks", plus trash talk, taunting, bragging. The ladies both wear thong bikinis.

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