VeVe's Biceps At Work!
Fantasy Mixed Armwrestling
February 2015

VeVe's Biceps

VeVe's biceps are on display as they strain and pump in this fantasy armwrestling video! VeVe and Diablo face off across a table, where they armwrestle for several prolonged bouts. They grip tightly and breath hard as they struggle against each other, with VeVe's bicep bulging as she pulls.

After their first bouts, Diablo eagerly oils VeVe's biceps in appreciation, giving her arms a lovely shine. As they continue with their armwrestling rounds, the camera stays closely cropped, showing shots of full torsos, close-ups of the lock-up, and close-ups of VeVe's working biceps.

VeVe wins every long, straining round, casually flexing in between. After their 6th round, VeVe flexes and invites Diablo to rub and kiss her pumped-up biceps, showing off her pump for the final 3 minutes of the video.

Total running time: 12 minutes

Details: 4 rounds with left arm, 2 rounds with right. VeVe wears tight white shirt in first 2 rounds, then removes shirt to black bra. Then gets oiled. Friendly but teasing tone. Casual. Emphasis on long straining bouts and VeVe's bicep pumping up.

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.

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VeVe's Biceps VeVe's Biceps VeVe's Biceps
VeVe's Biceps VeVe's Biceps VeVe's Biceps

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