Blonde Amazon Crushes Frankie
Mixed Wrestling Domination
April 2017

mixed wrestling

mixed wrestling

Powerlifter Blonde Amazon is soooooo amused to hear that Frankie thinks he stands a chance in a wrestling match with her, and for good reason! Frankie may be a fit and muscular guy, but next to her he's miniature. At 5'10" and 200 lbs., this muscle goddess towers 6 inches over his head and outweighs him by 50 lbs.

From the first moments, Blonde Amazon proves she can pluck Frankie up into the air without the tiniest trouble and drop him to the ground just as easily. Frankie never has a chance to try any kind of attack; as Blonde Amazon casually traps him in full-body pins, breast smothers, head and body scissors, and repeated effortless lifts, he's barely even able to struggle. And all the while he's being crushed, the amazon keeps on taunting him with her cool and snarky trash talk.

Finally, only when she's decided he's had enough, Blonde Amazon leave Frankie in an exhausted heap on the mat, squishes his face beneath her foot, and declares victory.

Total running time: 28 minutes

720 HD. 4 mbps. Fantasy domination wrestling. Smaller man is unable to do anything against a super-powerful, totally unperturbed muscle goddess. Blonde Amazon wears a black thong leotard.

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blonde amazon blonde amazon blonde amazon
blonde amazon blonde amazon blonde amazon
blonde amazon blonde amazon blonde amazon

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