VeVe Lane
Candy Pain, Female Session Wrestler

Body Paint Wrestling
VeVe Lane vs Candy Pain
May 2014

VeVe Lane Candy Pain

VeVe Lane Candy Pain

VeVe finally got an opportunity to try out a new idea: body paint wrestling! Imagine it: two wrestlers, each in different body paint colors, grappling with a variety of different holds and tempos... how will the paint colors mix? What sort of colorful mess will we end up with?!

The adventurous Candy Pain steps up to be VeVe's opponent in this messy wrestling endeavor. Candy has painted herself fully in red body paint, while VeVe has been painted in light blue. They're covered in paint from head to toe. Only their teeth, hair, and eyes are unpainted. Let the games begin...

Candy "Red Devil" Pain and VeVe "Blue Elf" Lane approach from their corners, each pristinely painted in her own color. They circle and size each other up, until an eventual takedown lands them entangled on the mats. They wrestle in a smooth, body-entwining style, working to pin each other down as their colors start to blend together.

Though they start out slowly at first, the intensity level begins to climb once the ladies' competitiveness kicks in. The match becomes a messy struggle as the ladies fight for top position, reversing each other, stretching each other's legs, pressing their bodies, and smearing their paint all over. Wild hair, grunts and groans, and blended colors. Finally, one wrestler catches the other in an inescapable submission hold and claims the win. She finishes with a flexing victory pose.

Total running time: 17 minutes
High Definition. Display size: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Application of paint not filmed. Ladies wear two-piece attire with body paint over everything.

Selected Screen Stills:
VeVe Lane Candy Pain VeVe Lane Candy Pain VeVe Lane Candy Pain
VeVe Lane Candy Pain VeVe Lane Candy Pain VeVe Lane Candy Pain
VeVe Lane Candy Pain VeVe Lane Candy Pain VeVe Lane Candy Pain

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