Bondage Beauty Pageant
VeVe, Indra, Thrash, Twiggy
March 2016



In response to VeVe's initial "Tied Up, Dressed Up" video, Indra, ever a fan of forced feminization, jumped right in and created a "Tied Up, Dressed Up" video of her own. VeVe, however, was not amused to hear that Indra now claimed to be better at binding and dressing men. Oh no, the rope-wrestling queen would not be put to shame by this little trash-talking upstart. And so, with Thrash and Twiggy in tow, VeVe challenges Indra to a "Dolly-Off" -- a contest to see who can bind and dress these men the fastest, cutest, and best!
Let's do it!

VeVe and Indra throw their guys down and start binding them right away. The ladies banter and taunt each other as they work, ignoring whatever pain or discomfort their male specimens may be suffering. And the men aren't spared from taunting either; in addition to ropes and rough handling, the ladies keep their guys under control with dominant confidence and humiliating teasing.

Once they've got their guys securely bound, VeVe and Indra move on to dressing them in suitably feminine garments: stockings or pantyhose, bra, lingerie, skirt, dress, gloves, jewelry. The ladies shift the ropes as needed for dressing their dolls, each keeping an eye on her rival and continuing her taunting. The ladies finish their dolls off with a little make-up and hair styling, they give them new names, and then line them up for inspection and comparison. The ladies assess their dolly-boys, debating which is the prettiest... and which is just useless.

The guys suffer through the humiliation and discomfort as the ladies tease, jeer, and encourage them to pose in their bonds. Each entirely confident in her abilities, both VeVe and Indra claim the win and victory pose on their respective dollies... it's up to the audience to decide who's best!

Total running time: 29 minutes

Ladies wear bikinis. The guys start off in briefs. Final ties: One classic hogtie, one chicken wing hogtie.

HD 1280x720, 3.5 mbps.

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Bondage Bondage Bondage
Bondage Bondage Bondage
Bondage Bondage Bondage

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