Indra, Female Session Wrestler

Bondage Revenge: Diablo Catches Indra!
Mixed Bondage Wrestling
December 2013

Diablo Catches Indra

After suffering defeat and harassment when he first bondage wrestled Indra, Diablo finally gets his chance for revenge. Indra agrees to meet Diablo for a competitive bondage match - and whatever happens, happens!

Indra's in for some trouble... Diablo's been practicing his knots and studying VeVe's quick-tie techniques, and he puts his skill to good use against Indra. An experienced wrestler, Diablo gracefully controls his opponent on the mat, working the rope around Indra's limbs, and foiling her attempts to bind him. Indra's out-matched here. Diablo handles her gently, bantering with her as he works her into a hogtie. No, Indra, you can't talk you way out of this one!

Once Diablo has Indra tied, he amuses himself by tickling her exposed little feet. Poor ticklish Indra laughs and squirms, totally unable to get away. We enjoy about 7 minutes of Indra hogtied, taunted, and harassed. To conclude, Diablo tape gags Indra with duct tape, admires his work, and strikes a victory pose. Indra gets her comeuppance!

Indra is immobilized in about 6 minutes.
Light-hearted, friendly tone with playful banter. Diablo focuses on quick tying and control, not forceful wrestling.

Running time: 14 minutes

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit rate: 3.5 mbps.

Selected Screen Stills:
Diablo Catches Indra Diablo Catches Indra Diablo Catches Indra
Diablo Catches Indra Diablo Catches Indra Diablo Catches Indra
Diablo Catches Indra Diablo Catches Indra Diablo Catches Indra

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