Candy Pain, Female Session Wrestler
Candy Pain
VeVe Lane, Female Session Wrestler
VeVe Lane

Boston Crab and Camel Clutch Dominations
Candy Pain and VeVe Lane
August 2013

Boston Crab Camel Clutch Candy Pain and VeVe Lane

Candy Pain demonstrates her favorite pro-style wrestling hold: the Boston Crab! Her victim is smaller wrestler VeVe Lane... but once Candy has had her fun with the Boston Crab, VeVe pays her back with a display of the Camel Clutch!

Boston Crab (5:30). Candy dominates VeVe with several prolonged Boston Crab holds, testing the flexibility of VeVe's back, and showing off the hold from multiple angles (incl. sideways, front, back). Candy also includes single leg Crabs. She teases VeVe, smiling, pushing VeVe to the flexibility limit, and telling VeVe that she really ought to stretch more often! VeVe groans in pain, suffering through the holds until she submits.

Camel Clutch (6:30). Now for VeVe's payback! VeVe dominates Candy with several prolonged Camel Clutch holds, bending Candy way back, showing the hold from multi angles (front, side, low front). Candy is quite flexible, but also quite stuck! VeVe enjoys her revenge and stretches Candy to the max, making her submit again and again.

Apartment setting. Candy wears leotard and pantyhose. VeVe wears leotard and spandex stirrup leggings.
High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 4 / 3.5 mbps.

Total running time: 12:17

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Candy Pain Pro-Style Wrestling Candy Pain Pro-Style Wrestling Candy Pain Pro-Style Wrestling
Candy Pain Pro-Style Wrestling Candy Pain Pro-Style Wrestling Candy Pain Pro-Style Wrestling

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