Boston Crab Mega Compilation: 102 Boston Crabs
From 2012-2020
Assembled January 2021

Boston Crab Mega Compilation

Boston Crab Mega Compilation

This is a MEGA compilation of 102 different FvF Boston Crab holds, collected from 41 of our pro-style wrestling videos, filmed from 2012 through 2020!

This compilation features the following 34 ladies: VeVe Lane, Indra, Candy Pain, Sircee, Orlandoe, Darling, Keri Spectrum, Jade Indica, Megan Jones, Ginary, ShaSha, Bella Ink, Anastaxia, Rachel DD, Sarah Brooke, Sahrye, Saharra Huxly, Monica Jade, Kinzie Fire, Lana Luxor, Aqua X, Misty Lovelace, Safa Warda, Ursa Fierce, Taylor, Vika, Sativa, Alana Cabello, Queen Beth, Aralia, Katarina, Andrea Rosu, Savannah Fox, and Jaylah Rai.

VeVe Lane is featured in the majority of the Boston Crab segments (but not all), usually performing the move on her opponents (but occasionally her opponent performs the Boston Crab on her!). Many of the Boston Crabs are prolonged and slow, but a few are quicker. All holds feature the "classic" full Boston Crab with both of the receiver's ankles tucked under the doer's armpits. However, if a full Boston Crab transitions into a single-leg crab, the segment will continue and include the single-leg as well.

The receivers varyingly moan, groan, protest, trash talk, or cry out in pain as they are in the hold. Some submit to the hold, while others do not (and the doer decides to change holds).

A variety of attire is featured in the various segments, including: bikini and bare legs, leotards and bare legs, leotards and tights (without boots), leotards and tights with boot, superheroine costumes, and leggings.

The segments are collected from 41 videos. Some single videos featured several Boston Crabs. The segments show the entry to the hold, the hold, and the exit from the hold. All for a total of 102 Boston Crabs.

Due to file size limitations, this compilation is 1280x720 display size, at 4 mbps.
The segments from 2012-2017 are 30 fps. Those from 2018-2020 are 60 fps.

(Includes a title card with time stamps for various sections/participants, to help you manually skip around to different sections)

Total running time: 86 minutes

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