Bullying Backfires!
Ursa Fierce and Blaze
April 2024

Ursa and Blaze

Queen Ursa Fierce and Big Boss Blaze jump in for a campy, trash-talky, pro-style -esque & table-turning wrestling storyline scenario: when Bullying Backfires!

Ursa is big and tough, and she's easily taken out smaller women with the power of her curvaceous booty. Since she's large and in charge, she expects lesser women to know their place. But when "skinny" little Blaze challenges the reigning Queen -- Blaze has the audacity to call Ursa "lard ass"! -- things quickly get physical --

Ursa throws Blaze down and dominates her with body hits, squeezes, crushes, and stretching holds. But just as Ursa begins to deliver her signature queening reverse facesit finish, Blaze gets creative and turns the tables with a devastating surprise bite!

With Ursa shocked and reeling, Blaze seizes control of the fight, pinning Ursa, delivering crotch attacks, trapping Ursa in wrestling holds, taunting her, and utterly humiliating her. And for a final humiliation, Blaze delivers a final and prolonged forward facesit that Ursa absolutely cannot escape. At last, Blaze strips off Ursa's tights in celebration and enjoys a proud and haughty victory pose.

How outrageous -- the Queen is not accustomed to such disrespect!

Fantasy wrestling scenario. Ursa dominates the first half, Blaze dominates the second half. Ursa black pantyhose and leotard. Blaze wears grey pantyhose with short-shorts over the top, and a sports bra. Stats: Ursa: 5'5" and 300 lbs. Blaze: 5'5" and 140 lbs. 1080 Full HD

Full Video Duration: 17 minutes

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