Boot Domina Catball Fight, Vol 2
VeVe Lane and Misty Lovelace
October 2017

catball fight

catball fight

Rival dominatrices in their tall, stiletto boots collide for a second edition of the Boot Domina Catball Fight. When Mistress VeVe and Mistress Misty discover they've both planned to attend the same fetish party (and hence compete for submissives!), wild fighting ensues! The territorial dommes push, shove, and then lock up and fall to the ground, legs entangled and boots rubbing, for a loud and ferocious rolling catball fight.

Pressed together, front-to-front, with legs intertwined, the feuding ladies roll back and forth across the floor, gasping, grunting, pulling hair, clawing at each other, grabbing breasts, and crying out in pain or fury. Their booted legs are constantly locked together, so the sounds of PVC vs leather also accompany the ladies' gasps and yelps.

They battle on and on, but, at last, after a long and energetic rolling fight, Mistress Misty seizes the advantage and defeats her rival with an inescapable breast smother. That party's all hers now!

Total running time: 21 minutes

Catball style / Fantasy Fight. Energetic, furious. Rolling at various speeds with some pauses for attack exchanges. No slapping. Camera gets lots of shots of legs and boots intertwined, plus also full body angles. VeVe wears skimpy lingerie and PVC boots. Misty wears thong leotard and leather boots. Bare thighs. 1280x720. 4 mbps..

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Boot Catball Boot Catball Boot Catball
Boot Catball Boot Catball Boot Catball
Boot Catball Boot Catball Boot Catball

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