Princess Catball Fight!
Indra and VeVe Lane
December 2015

catball fight

Who's the fairest in the land?! Princess Indra and Princess VeVe get into quite a royal spat over the question! Words get heated and the two princesses lock up and fall to the floor in indignant fury. Now we'll find out the hard way who's the fairest... and who's merely a snarky bitch -- Catball Fight!

In classic catball style, the princesses hit the ground and roll furiously, their shiny dresses gradually riding up to reveal even shinier pantyhose underneath. They press together, chest-to-chest, with legs tangling and intertwining as they pull hair, claw at each other's faces, growl, bicker, and fling insults.

The rival princesses continue their rolling feud until one lady finally seizes the advantage and puts her opponent down. Relieved at last, the victorious princess tidies herself up, declares herself the Fairest, and strikes a victory pose!

Total running time: 21 minutes

Catball style / Fantasy wrestling. No slapping. Both ladies wear princess dresses with flesh-tone Ultra Shimmer tights (VeVe has g-string panties, Indra has Brazilian cut panties). Views from all angles. Tights never run or tear. Dresses never tear. HD1280x720, 3.5 mbps

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catball fight catball fight catball fight
catball fight catball fight catball fight
catball fight catball fight catball fight

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