Rachel DD
Rachel DD
Jade Indica

Rival Housewives Catball Fight!
Rachel DD and Jade Indica
April 2015

Catball Fight

Catball Fight

Neighbor housewives Rachel and Jade have despised each other since day one. Finally, after suffering through each other's slights, jibes, and passive-aggressive nastiness, they decide to meet face-to-face to settle their feud once and for all... physically!!

Full of pent-up fury, Rachel and Jade fly at each other, crashing to the ground in a tangle. They scramble, roll, and claw at each other's faces, grabbing each other's hair, grunting and groaning with exertion, tossing insults... all while their clothes become incredibly disheveled and their pantyhose legs madly intertwine. Both women eventually lose their blouses, fighting in their bras as their skirts ride way up to fully reveal their nylons. But they ladies don't care, each one focused entirely on her hated rival!

Lots of rolling and great energy, with pressing of bodies and constant rubbing of pantyhose-clad legs. Even as exhaustion creeps in, and ladies keep up their rolling, driven by their hateful rivalry. Finally, Rachel seizes the advantage and finishes Jade off. She poses over her defeated rival. That'll show her!!

Total running time: 42 minutes

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Both ladies wear tan/nude nylons, thongs, mini-skirts, bras. Blouses removed early in fight. Wrestling is all in furious catball style. No slapping, no striking. Views from all angles, incl. intertwined, rubbing legs. Pantyhose never run or tear.

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Catball Fight Catball Fight Catball Fight
Catball Fight Catball Fight Catball Fight
Catball Fight Catball Fight Catball Fight

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