Rachel DD
Rachel DD
Lia Labowe

Furious Widows Catball Fight!
Rachel DD and Lia Labowe
March 2015

Catball Fight

Catball Fight

Fury and rolling and pantyhose leg entanglement! Rachel DD and Lia Labowe take on the roles of feuding widows, revisiting the catball theme initially seen in "Angry Widows" by VeVe and Keri. But while VeVe and Keri's "Widows" was smooth and seething, Rachel and Lia's version is furious and fast-paced.

Both recent widows, Rachel and Lia discover that they had unknowingly been married to the same man. But that's not a problem; the real problem is which one of them gets the inheritance! Clearly there's only one way to settle this... Dressed in their black mourning attire, the two ladies stare each other down before rushing in and falling to the floor in a furious catball!

With their bodies pressed together and legs entangled, Rachel and Lia lock on to each other and roll angrily across the floor, clawing at each other's faces, grabbing each other's hair, moaning, growling, gasping, scrambling with their legs, and fighting to get on top, their skirts riding way up as they continually rub their pantyhose legs together.

After a long battle, Rachel seizes her opportunity and finishes Lia off. She poses over her defeated rival; that inheritance is as good as hers now!

Total running time: 41 minutes

High Definition. Display 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Both ladies wear black nylons and thongs. Lia in black mini skirt and blouse, Rachel in black mini-dress. No Speaking; only natural vocalizations of exertion and fury. Wrestling is all in furious catball style. No slapping, no striking. Views from all angles. Plenty of views of intertwined, rubbing legs. Pantyhose never run or tear.

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Catball Fight Catball Fight Catball Fight
Catball Fight Catball Fight Catball Fight
Catball Fight Catball Fight Catball Fight

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