Shoe Thief Catball Fight!
VeVe Lane and Sheena
March 2020

pantyhose catball

pantyhose catball

We are pleased to welcome muscular and mischievous Hungarian wrestler Sheena to her very first catball fight with us!

As Sheena and VeVe are getting ready to go out to the dance club, VeVe discovers that Sheena is wearing VeVe's favorite pair of sexy high heel shoes. Sheena merely laughs and insists that she's wearing them for tonight, but stubborn VeVe wants those shoes back right now. Even if she has to take them off Sheena herself. The ladies push and shove and lock up as they fall to the ground for a rolling, leg entangling catball fight!

In their slinky mini dresses and shiny sheer black pantyhose, these two strong ladies hit the floor, legs intertwined and rubbing together, as they struggle and roll and battle it out. The ladies grunt and groan with exertion, they trash talk and argue, grab at the shoes and threaten each other with them, squeeze, smother, clutch and claw, and pull hair. In this energetic and vigorous battle, the ladies are mostly front-to-front with legs entwined as they fight and roll across the floor, but they occasionally go into other fighty positions. Their mini dresses ride way up, their hair becomes disheveled, and fatigue gradually sinks in, but these ladies keep up their rolling fight regardless! (Tone: VeVe is angry and outraged, Sheena is irreverent and self-confident)

Ending Spoiler: (highlight below to see text)
Sheena eventually traps VeVe with a leg-spreading grapevine pin that makes VeVe give up at last. Sheena celebrates with a victory pose, and then takes her well-earned shoes!

Camera shows views from all angles, with most emphasis given to the ladies active legs. Lots of full body views from the side or a slight "upskirt" angle. Some close ups on legs and faces.

NOTE: Sheena's pantyhose get a small hole in the back of the thigh early in the fight.

Vigorous fantasy catball style wrestling. No striking. The ladies wear bras, thong panties, mini dresses that eventually ride up, and sheer-to-waist black pantyhose.

Total running time: 21 minutes

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pantyhose catball pantyhose catball pantyhose catball
pantyhose catball pantyhose catball pantyhose catball
pantyhose catball pantyhose catball pantyhose catball

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