My Legs Are Better! Catball Fight
VeVe Lane and Briella Jaden
August 2015

pantyhose wrestling

pantyhose wrestling

VeVe and Briella are a pair of lingerie models preparing for an upcoming shoot. But as they primp and straighten up their pantyhose, they fall into a disagreement over who has the better legs. VeVe declares that her legs are stronger and more toned, but when Briella insists that's not true, VeVe challenges her to a little leg wrestling bout.

The ladies lock up for 2 leg wrestling falls, which VeVe wins with ease, considering her point well proven. But when Briella STILL insists that HER legs are better, VeVe jumps on her, pins her down, and demands she admit the truth! Briella will have none of that -- and so the ladies grab each other, interlock their legs, and decide to settle the matter once and for all: Time for a catball fight!

With legs entangled and bodies pressed tightly together, the ladies roll across the floor, pulling hair and scratching at each other's faces in catball fighting style. They grunt, groan, and strain, and insult each other as they roll across the room and rub their pantyhose legs together in their struggles. Despite the ladies' enmity, their rolling style is slow and smooth, their legs always deeply intertwined. And the ladies pause occasionally in their rolling to press into each other and squeeze with their legs (thigh scissors).

At last, VeVe grabs Briella around the throat and demands she admit that VeVe's legs are better! But Briella holds out... refusing... until she is incapacitated. Finally satisfied, VeVe admires her own legs, enjoying her preeminence, and posing victoriously over her would-be rival. My legs are better!

Total running time: 20 minutes

Both ladies wear bra, thong, sheer black pantyhose. Catball rolling pace is slow and smooth while simultaneously angry, spiteful, and effortful. Not frantic. No slapping. Emphasis on views intertwined, rubbing legs.

** NOTE: Briella's pantyhose have a slight run (tear) on the side of her right foot near the big toe.
HD 1280 x 720, 3.5 mbps.

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pantyhose wrestling pantyhose wrestling pantyhose wrestling
pantyhose wrestling pantyhose wrestling pantyhose wrestling
pantyhose wrestling pantyhose wrestling pantyhose wrestling

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