VeVe Lane
VeVe Lane
Keri Spectrum

Angry Widows Catball Fight
Keri Spectrum and VeVe Lane
June 2014

VeVe and Keri

VeVe and Keri

VeVe and Keri are two recent widows who, once their husband passed away, discover that they had both been married to the same man. But that's not a problem... the real problem is which one of them gets the inheritance! Of course, each one wants it all to herself!

Dressed in their black mourning attire - high heels, black nylons, black mini skirts, and black blouses - the two ladies stare each other down before rushing in and falling to the floor in an angry catball! They grab onto each other's hair, kick off their shoes, and roll endlessly across the floor with pantyhose legs intertwined and bodies pressed tightly together. They claw at each other's faces, pull hair, and rub their legs together, grunting and moaning with exertion and frustration.

They stay locked together the entire time, their legs entangled right until the very end. And despite the widows' anger and hatred for each other, their catball fighting is remarkably smooth and sensual. Furthermore, out of respect for their husband, the ladies don't speak a single word to each other - the only sounds they make are the grunts, groans, moans, and heavy breathing of the struggle. Finally, after the long battle, Keri seizes the advantage and finishes off her rival. She then poses over VeVe to silently celebrate her victory.

Total running time: 42 minutes

Display Resolution: 1280 x 720. Bit Rate: 3.5 mbps.
Both ladies wear black nylons, thongs, black mini skirts, black blouses. Catball style is smooth and sensual while simultaneously angry, spiteful, and effortful. Not frantic. No slapping, no striking. Plenty of views of intertwined legs. Their pantyhose NEVER run or tear at all!

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VeVe and Keri Catball VeVe and Keri Catball VeVe and Keri Catball
VeVe and Keri Catball VeVe and Keri Catball VeVe and Keri Catball
VeVe and Keri Catball VeVe and Keri Catball VeVe and Keri Catball

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