Layla Moore

Size Mismatch Catball Fight!
VeVe and Layla Moore
March 2016

catball fight

catball fight

You know there'll be trouble when Layla Moore steals VeVe's favorite shiny pantyhose... or does she? Layla swears she stole nothing; these pantyhose are hers! But VeVe is sure those are her nylons, and even though Layla dwarfs her in size and stature, VeVe is determined to get them back, one way or another! Words fly, push comes to shove, and the ladies fall to the ground for a size-mismatched catball fight!

Locked up and pressed chest-to-chest, with legs always intertwined, Layla and VeVe roll ferociously and energetically across the floor. The ladies grab each other's hair, claw each other's faces, growl, groan, smother, and insult each other throughout their angry, rolling, leg-rubbing battle.

And not only is there a size mismatch, but there's a pantyhose mismatch as well, with VeVe in black and Layla in the shiny tan. As the battle rages, Layla's tights spring a hole in the butt, which gradually tears wider as they go on. At last, Layla seizes the moment and incapacitates VeVe with a smother to put and end to the argument. As Layla struts and savors her victory, VeVe revives to find Layla's distressed-pantyhose butt in her face. Disgruntled, VeVe rips Layla's nylons open even further as Layla poses in triumph!

Total running time: 22 minutes

Catball Style / Fantasy Wrestling. Sizes: Layla 6'1" and 260 lbs. VeVe 5'4" and 125 lbs. Views from all angles. Plenty of views of intertwined, rubbing legs. Layla's pantyhose gradually tear in crotch/butt. HD1280x720, 3.5 mbps.

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catball fight catball fight catball fight
catball fight catball fight catball fight
catball fight catball fight catball fight

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